Elementary K – 5th

Elementary school are the important years where children build the foundation to become successful students.  These are the years where they learn skills and develop behaviors that can help shape their educational future.

Our elementary students learn many skills those first years.  It is important that they  learn organizational skills, study skills and how to best use their time.  These skills will help them build strong reading, math and writing skills that will prepare them for the middle school years.


To help your child be successful we align our curricula with the achievement goals for the day school.  This helps your child be successful in the day school and continue to excel above and beyond expectations.  Our assessments and standards enable children to learn to read so they can read to learn throughout life.

Depending upon the level of support needed to help your child reach academic success, we will customize a plan that will include the following components:

*  Phonemic Awareness*Vocabulary Instruction*Fluency*
*  Comprehension Skills*Literacy Techniques*Reading Strategies
*  Writing Skills* Sentence Structure*Composition*Grammar

Our tutors are trained to help your child become a critical thinker and apply proven reading strategies to improve reading comprehension skills.


We tutor our students to become proficient in every area of math.  This includes mastering the basics from counting, adding, subtracting, multiplication to division.  Younger children can easily become frustrated with math. We take the stress out of math and make it fun for students to learn.  There are many strategies and ways to teach math.  We determine what method works best for your child and build a program around their learning style.

Depending upon the level of support needed to help your child reach academic success, we will customize a plan that will include the following components:

Foundations of Math:
*  Addition
*  Subtraction
*  Multiplication
*  Division
*  Word Problems
*  Solving Equations
*  Percentages
*  Fractions
*  Decimals

Our program will help your child see how math is essential to everyday life and that all we do revolves around math.  Applying math to everyday life helps students enjoy learning math and see math from a different view point.


Our staff understands that learning goes beyond just mastering skills and terms, but is also dependent upon building life-long skills. We also help our early learners develop the following skills that will prove valuable through life.

  • How to Study
  • Test Preparation
  • Note Taking
  • Memorization Technicques
  • Being Organized
  • Using Time Wisely
  • Prioritizing Work
  • Listening Skills
  • Ask for help

These are skills that students at all levels need to learn. Once students incorporate these skills they are destined for academic and personal success.


During sessions, our tutors will not only help students with their current homework assignments, they will also teach test-taking strategies, memorization techniques, time-management, note-taking, and effective Internet research skills, so that ultimately your child will be able to manage homework on his or her own. At our learning center, students have access to reference books, school supplies and internet.

We can also use homework as a tutoring tool to reinforce learning and mastery of skills.