Middle School 6th – 8th

The middle school grades bring students into a world of great independence and decision making.  Students often have many new subjects along with multiple teachers.  When you couple this with the new found societal pressures students face problems they may find difficult to navigate through.  Above and Beyond Learning Center will give your student the tools necessary to be successful academically and socially.  Through our approach we build self confidence and abilities to incorporate effective academic skills to be successful.


Middle school students are now introduced to novel reading and various genres of reading.  Our tutors specialize in developing life long reading skills for all middle school students. 

Strategic Intervention for Struggling Readers is specifically designed to provide  tutoring to students who need intensive, focused instruction in reading. Strategic primarily focuses  on instruction in comprehension, fluency  and vocabulary strategies

Strategic Reading For All levels: To be successful readers middle school students should master, before, reading and after reading strategies.  During reading, our students are very engaged in reading and learn to apply skills that will help them master text as well as be prepared to answer questions regarding text.  Before, after and during preparation helps students recall and understand text in a more comprehensive manner.

Before Reading Strategies
*  Review Text Features
*  Ask Questions
*  Set Purpose for Reading
*  Activate Learning, Self-Questioning, and Reading Comprehension

During Reading Strategies
*  Visualize
*  Make Connections-Marking the Text
*  Ask Questions
*  Visualizing and Summarizing
*  Reading and Annotating
*  Self-Questioning

After Reading Strategies
*  Summarize
*  Ask Questions
*  Think About the Purpose
*  Critical Thinking Exercises and Self-Questioning


Based on our pre-assessment we will determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses.  Each student will receive an individualized plan that will help them reach their goal in math.  Students must have mastered basic math skills to be successful in math.  We can help no matter your students math level.  Math cannot be solely based on memorization.  We help students gain deeper understanding of math concepts and computational procedures to become proficient math students.

Following are just a few of the many math subjects we cover:

  • Math
  • Pre-algebra
  • Algebra
  • Calculator Usage
  • Graphing
  • EOG Prep