For Parents

Parents, the home is a wonderful place to teach and reinforce learning with your child. Your home is full of opportunities to explore learning with your child, and at the same time, build his or her self-confidence and understanding.

Home provides the freedom for you and your child to  relax and “talk learning” that is, to communicate about learning while discovering new ways to relate learning to everyday life experiences.  This kind of learning is easily grasped and remembered because the child can connect an activity or a fun time had while learning.

We not only want to be your preferred tutoring source, but also a to resource when you need help or ideas with working with your child.  The attachments as well as web links are ways you can work with your child regardless of grade level.


It is our goal to do the following for each student: 

  1. Give your child an enjoyable learning experience.
  2. Make learning engaging and interactive.
  3. Give your child the tools needed to achieve beyond tutoring
  4. Involve the parent and day school in helping your child.
  5. Improve your child’s report card grades.
  6. Give you results.
  7. Provide your child with a tutor who is qualified to help them succeed
  8. Provide an environment conducive for learning
  9. Ensure your satisfaction
  10. Partner with you to achieve success.