Above and Beyond Learning Center is committed to providing a level of tutoring that will prepare your child to be successful beyond the tutoring experience. We will work with you and your child to design a program that will elevate their learning experience.

In order to help your child reach their fullest potential we ensure that our staff is fully knowledgeable and trained in Common Core Standards.
Visit www.dpi.state.nc.us/acre/standards/common-core/

Our Tutoring will include the following:

Engagement: Hands on Engaging activities that connect learning to real life and make it relevant to the students

Variety: We use a variety of styles to teach a lesson, talking, reading, writing and other methods.

Questions: We don’t ask for facts or answers, our tutors use open ended questions to encourage the students to participate in the learning activity. 

Prompting: We believe in giving prompts to help students think and arrive at the correct response.  It is not just a right or wrong answer, but how do you arrive at the answer.

Self –Correction: We help our students work through the steps they did wrong and how to correct it to get the right answer, this promotes better learning and build confidence.

Observation: Tutors are trained to look for errors in students work, and not just errors in the final answer.  This observation helps to direct students to the point of mistake and prevent future mistakes.

Discussion: Our questions and self-correction leads to more elaborate discussion and fact finding sessions.  This helps establish deeper and wider understanding

Praise: We give our students praise for effort, we praise them publicly, and we praise them through small appropriate incentives

We can provide tutoring to help in the following areas:

  1. Subject Matter: Specific Content or Subject area, including Social Studies, History, Geography, Statistics, Geometry, Physics, Biology and the core subjects.
  2. Advance Learning: We not only help struggling students but we tutor students who desire a challenge and become advanced in academic performance.
  3. Skill Development: Out tutoring can help your child develop Study Skills, Note Taking, Test taking Strategies, Organization and Time Management Skills
  4. College Prep:  Writing Essays, SAT/ACT, Financial Aid completion, Scholarship Search, College Search, Interviewing tips.